At The Projekt Company, we offer Finance Advisory services aiming at taking your business to the next level as far as financial management is concerned.

We are well celebrated by all our customers in combining deep expertise with a high analytical methodology. We develop practical and actionable recommendations/solutions to the most critical commercial as well as strategic challenges any organization might face. You can never miss us whenever you need us.
  • Process Improvement

  • Preparation of audits

  • Systematic development of operation system

  • Setup and control of financial systems

  • Accounting and bookkeeping services

  • Company valuation

  • Financial reviews and due diligence

  • Assessing your debt value

  • Availing credit facilities

  • Debt and finance structuring and reorganization.

We asset managers and corporate clients identify, assess, manage, report and limit the risk they face.

Our goal is to assist our clients in establishing robust risk management methodologies, reporting and decision-making tools, designed to facilitate increased profits, more efficiently allocated capital and reserves, and the development of a stronger culture of management and control within the organisation as a whole. 

  • Credit risk measurement and management

  • Operational risk measurement and management

  • Market and liquidity risks

  • Economic capital management

  • Capital adequacy & Regulatory services

  • Financial engineering

  • Risk management in transactions

  • Actuarial services & Financial statement support

  • Commodity & Energy risk management

  • Financial instruments accounting

  • Finance and Treasury management and transformation

  • Quantitative evaluation and Management of portfolio risks

  • Finance and Treasury management and transformation

  • Asset management advisory

When you bring us on board, we’ll begin with an initial assessment with your senior management team to identify the risks you face. Based on your risk profile, we’ll come up with a comprehensive plan, prioritising and rating those risks and making recommendations on how to execute.  

At TPC, our experienced auditors focus on delivering unsurpassed internal audit guidance that creates value. We will strive to go beyond a financial statement opinion to help you identify and manage your risks – control, compliance and operational – as well as generate value-added ideas and solutions.

Efficiency and Quality

We increase the efficiency and quality of our audit by including in our teams specialists from different areas such as IT, taxation, business advisory services and valuation. When circumstances require, industry experts join our audit teams to reach a proper understanding of the business processes that ultimately determine the performance and financial status reported in the financial statements.

Project Consistency Evaluation

Based on a software audit, a company can evaluate its project financial value on the market, cut infrastructure costs or determine whether an application can withstand high traffic, depending on its characteristics and needs.

  • Operational audits

  • Financial operations audits

  • Risk assessment

  • Human resources, benefit and payroll audits

  • SOX compliance

  • Internal Audit department quality assurance reviews

  • Software audit