The penalties for failing to comply with GDPR are severe – up to 4% of annual global turnover or 20 million Euros, whichever is higher.

To ensure GDPR compliance, organisations will need to make changes to policies, processes and contracts, as well as in technical and organisational measures. In some instances, those changes could be complex and significant.

How we can help

Our team of experts – covering data protection, cyber security, regulation and compliance, risk management, and business change – will design and implement a sustainable privacy and data protection programme that takes into account the GDPR and other privacy regulations and legislation. We focus on embedding privacy in a way that maintains long-term compliance while generating business benefits from data.
  • Our services include:

  • GDRP gap analysis – if you’re uncertain how much your organisation complies with the GDPR

  • GDRP data flow audit – if you’re not sure what personal data you hold or where it resides

  • Data protection impact assessment (DPIA) – if you don’t know the data protection risks of introducing a new system or process

  • GDRP transition services – if you need help implementing your GDPR compliance project

  • In-house GDPR training and awareness – if you need to make sure that staff and management understand their responsibilities under the GDPR.

Organisations have a choice. They can treat the EU GDPR as just another compliance issue. Or they can use its requirements to manage personal data in a way that will help make more informed decisions and create a better experience for customers and other stakeholders. Either way, compliance is mandatory for all organisations that handle personal data of anyone in the EU.