What most CEOs think – is cybersecurity an expense or an investment?

It was a sunny and productive day with a few deals waiting to be closed. Nothing prepared the CEO for what happened next: an IT problem that could have put his entire business at risk if we hadn’t intervened.

Data breaches have cost companies an average of $3.6 million globally, and for smaller companies, the price can bankrupt the firm. Even so, many companies do not have strong policies in place and do not conduct training to create a cybersecurity culture within their organization. So problems arise and then they call in the experts (us) to fix it. It’s our job and we love it, and that’s why we’re sharing two ways to help you today: a case study and expert advice.

Case Study

Murphy’s Law: Anything that can go wrong, will!

Imagine this: one of our customers, classifying itself between small and medium-sized companies, an SME with 3-20 employees working with various documents. Some firms – such as law firms or notaries – rely directly on these documents for their daily activities.

What we usually find there are the following:

all kinds of computers, most with an old operating system
each computer has a local user with a very easy to remember password (who benefits from that??) that is rarely changed
a local server so files can be accessed easily (by anyone)
data is sent to clients without any security
backup is an unknown term
the “IT department” is usually a young tech enthusiast, be it a colleague, a friend, a friend of a friend
… and the list goes on and on. And then problems start to appear. This is why we decided to share the advice below.

Expert advice: Cyber ​​security is an investment.
We know that entrepreneurs generally think in terms of profit and loss, and the things that generate enough revenue to make a profit are good and the others are not. But situations like the above have led us to think of advising every entrepreneur to ask themselves at least once: What if tomorrow I lose all my documents? Will I still have a business?

According to reports, data breaches have cost companies an average of $3.6 million globally, and for smaller companies it can be fatal. So what can you do to avoid becoming one of our case studies? Our TPC management experts have two tips for you:

Tip1 # Implement some cyber threat awareness training:

Every member of your staff needs to be properly informed and aware of the latest threats, regardless of their role.

Tip2 # Improve the security of your business in the long term with specialized software:

Choose to optimize IT security and infrastructure for your business, because security infrastructure is a key concept that requires first-class attention. We can help you secure your infrastructure, whether it’s running in the cloud, on-premise or in a colocation facility.

With Sophos Security and TPC Management you get complete security so your business can run smoothly without any cyber disasters.

Take your business seriously by taking IT seriously. Understanding that IT security is an investment in your future and never a cost.

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